The base price for our pens is $210. This price includes:

  • Resin for maximum 155mm capped length pen with min 12mm barrel threads
  • Steel Nib, EF to B
  • International Converter/Cartridge Filling
  • A Hard-case Box.

Possible customizations:

  • Using ebonite will cost +$25. (May vary)
  • Wood, catalin, celluloid, galalith, bakalite and other precious blank prices are variable with design and implementation techniques.
  • We can make gold plating on all metal accessories (Also on nibs).
  • Additional cap and barrel (without accents) for the same pen cost around $60
    Additional section(without accents) costs $40
  • Pen beds or stands with the same material is $30
  • Handmade cases out of leather, wood, resin, ebonite is possible.. Please consult for pricing.
  • 18ct and 14ct Solid gold nibs are possible. Starting from $130
  • We are in mood of making possible anything on a pen ?? Please do not hesitate to consult, pricing is dependent on what you asked.
  • Enamel, mother of pearl inlaying and gem application is possible.
  • Ink window
  • Filling mechanisms such as piston, pneumatic, vacumating, breath, etc…
For fully exclusive designs please contact in person, starting from $700, we also make pens those are not to be made for anyone else, also no design feature is repeated by our pen studio.

Payment Options

Payment via Credit/Debit Card (%3 comission fee), PayPal, Western Union, Bank transfer or cash in advance is possible. Any money transferring fee is on customer’s account.

Please make sure that shipment cost is burdened by customer, it is not included in price.

Note that We are not responsible for any custom taxes/fees for importing acts.


In case a situation which makes us unhappy happens, any part of the pen is broken or loosen due to the manufactoring errors, we make it as it is new. We burden all the expenditures.

For three years, the first owner (the person we make pen for) has right for servicing session once a year.

In case the pen has another problem due to usage or broken, we can renew/repair the parts with a cost. A pen should always write…