The base price for our pens is $185. This price includes:

  • AA-Resin for maximum 155mm capped length pen with 12mm and 13mm barrel threads and 16.5mm cap diameter.
  • Standard Clip (please consult about models).
  • Jowo #5 or #6 Steel nib, B to EF with 1.1mm and 1.5mm. Bock or Schmidt is possible if in stock.
  • Schmidt K6 or K5 Converter.
  • A Hard-case Box.

Sometimes we may have materials just suitable for your pen dimensions. In case like this there may be discount.

German Ebonite will cost plus 25$. (May vary)

Wood, catalin, celluloid, galalith, bakalite and other precious blank prices are variable with design and implementation techniques.

We can make gold plating on all metal accessories (Also on nibs).

Bands and rings on cap/barrel may vary depending on the material. Copper, brass, aluminium, sterling silver or gold are possible recently.

Additional cap and barrel (without bands) for the same pen cost around 60$
Additional section(without bands) costs 30$

Pen beds or stands with the same material is 15$

Handmade cases out of leather, wood, resin, ebonite is possible.. Consultation is needed for pricing.

18ct and 14ct Solid gold nibs are possible. Starting from 100$.

We are in mood of making possible anything on a pen 🙂 Please do not hesitate to consult, pricing is dependent on what you asked. Some possible customizations:

  • Barrel finial, we can design and aply out of mother of pearl, natural tortoise shell, brass, bronze, copper, silver and wood.
    It is hand casted silver with enamel. It is designed and finished in PurSanat Art Studio. The ornament is 16-17th Century Ottoman Rumi Style.
  • Poured Cast silver cap band. The concept of this design is derived from a building from 13th Century Seljuk Turkish Empire, Jalaleddin Karatay Madrasa (University). Geometric pattern on band and silver finial are referring to the concepts of this building.
    Karatay_band2 Karatay_band3
  • Additional bands/rings
  • Clear ink window/additional material
  • Other filling systems
  • Two-tone or two-material construction
  • Roll Stops / Custom designed clips: Handmade clip (Silver, copper, brass. Electroplating 24ct Gold is also an option)
  • Engraving/Inlay
  • Hand sewn genuine leather pouch.
  • Special finishing (French polish on wood/ebonite, CA Finished, Oil finishes, &c…)

Be sure that we are trying our best for giving the optimum price and the best quality.

Payment via PayPal, Western Union, Bank transfer or cash in advance is possible.

Please make sure that shipment cost is burdened by customer, it is not included in price.

Even if you do not buy pen, we usually have Turkish tea bubbling up and coffee beverages in our studio. Please join our delight 🙂