I have many things to write down here, however time is never enough ūüôā Read below as an outline of what I wanna say ūüėČ Here are some ideas we share about reasoning a pen:

  • Having a personal pen is being a caregiver. Responsiblity must be in high degree for those use¬†pens..
  • Any pen deserves¬†respect. There is no cheap, broken, useless pen.. These are all relative aspects. A brand pen for 500$ is cheaper than a 15000$ Maki-e fountain pen. Love your pen¬†and¬†respect it.
  • Pen is not only a writing instrument, a pen is also a jewel and an accessory you may carry with. There is no difference between carrying¬†a pen and having a watch.
  • Do not discriminate technology. Stylus and tablet show¬†the utmost excellance of human intellectus. They are also writing instruments and accessories.
  • I know many¬†people who are inherited a pen from their ancestors.¬†A pen’s lifespan is much longer than expectations.
  • Pen is not worthy to be idolized. It is just an instrument. The qualification of any pen depends on¬†your intimate relationship with it.
  • Hands are extensions of body, instruments are extensions of hands. How much you love your hands, that much love your instruments.

Modern man begins history by the invention of writing itself. It is slightly true, yet incomplete. There is no explosive moments, sudden appearings on timeline, hence, the invention of writing instruments and mediums must be considered as in the beginning.

All the directions on the globe are equal, and they set an equilibrium point of every aspects of nature. We established this pen studio in Turkey; a land for some, eastern, for others western.. Anyway, all peoples on this land have had great respect and steady esteem for pen. This statement is true from the very first decades of written history through present.

This land’s¬†written and verbal heritage present us¬†many aspects of respect on pen. This is not only by their blood, but also by the legacy they are sharing on this land. Grandfathers told us that when they found a pen fallen on the floor, they picked pen and kissed it before putting its place.

The name of our pen Kilk is an old Turkish word originated to Ancient Persian. Kilk means writing instrument. It can be a reed, a feather, a fountain pen or any other nibs..

Horace mentioned in Ars Poetica about writing instrument calamus which is a kind of reed stick sharpened by knife. Arabic word al qalam comes from this word. Calamus was used with early parchments and papyruses. Stylus is a metal stick sharpened to engrave the waxed wooden tablets. Greeks mostly call this instrument Graphium.