Alhambra Fountain Pen is inspired by the utmost beauty of the Andalucian heritage, Alhambra Palace.

The famous Arabic Inscription on the decorated walls “There is no victorous but Allah” is applied on the cap band to convey the massage of Alhambra Palace builders to the next generation.

The clip is also a scale of a column in the same gallery with this inscription. More, All the patterns are inspired from the ornaments in the Palace.

All the metal accents are special application of hardened sterling silver.

This model is limited to 34 pieces.

This fountain pen is a newer version of Alhambra 2018. Please have a look at the previous model which was limited to 34pcs also.

Our Alhambra Model is of flagship model attracting the interests of pen enthusiasts all overthe world.

Please note that this model is made to order and It may take time to deliver the pen.

Customization and personalization is possible. You may choose the materials from our chart, you may ask for length change up to 2-3mm, and finish options.

For all these customizations and order a pen, please do not hesitate to consult us.


Body Material
Premium Resin / Ebonite

Pen Jewels:
Hardened Sterling Silver

14k Solid Gold Nr6 (EF to B)

Filling Mechanism:

Jewel Finish Options:
Polished, Matte, Antique Sterling Silver, Rhodium,
Palladium Plating, Vermeil Gold Plating

Limited to 34 pieces