Camera Laterna model is a co-design with UYDesign Jewelry designer and Kilk.

Camera Laterna means “Light Room” referring to the cinema machine.

The design is presented for cinema lovers. With sterling silver accents; a rolling film roll as a cap finial, a film strip as barrel band and a roll stop with enamel as camera lens.

The barrel is tapered to a diameter to secure the cap posted without a damage to threads.

This is quiet a compact model but not tiny, good for daily usage and charming.

Please note that this model is made to order and It may take time to deliver the pen.

Customization and personalization is possible. You may choose the materials from our chart, you may ask for length change up to 2-3mm, and finish options.

For diameter customizations pricing may vary.

For all these customizations and order a pen, please do not hesitate to consult us.


Body Material

Pen Jewels:
Sterling Silver

Steel Nib

Filling Mechanism:

Jewel Finish Options:
Polished, Matte, Antique Sterling Silver