Cigar shape fountain pen is one of the most preferred fountain pen form among pen enthusiasts

It is minimalistic, yet elegant. Form refers to vintage taste, also a modern approach.

This form of pen is very suitable for casual usage, also it matches easily to your suit as well.

Please note that this model has no clip, so for daily usage you may need a pouch or a pen case.

Cigar Shape fountain pens are our base price model, which is $210 for resin, $230 for ebonite material.

All cigar shape pens are compitable with eyedropper filling sealing threads with a bit of silicon grease.

Customization and personalization is possible. You may choose the materials from our chart. Sizes are upon pen enthisuast’s inquiry (with some limitations)

For all these customizations and order a pen, please do not hesitate to consult us.


Body Material
Premium Resin / Ebonite

Steel Nib

Filling Mechanism: