Alhambra Fountain Pen

Alhambra, the shimmering pearl.. Artistic and scientific accumulation of eastern and western civilizations.. This monument is beyond an architectural construction, it has been conveying a message from the cultural heritage between the transitional period of medieval and new era.

The lands of Andalusia, which were shaped by the Islamic civilization for centuries when it was built, have adopted other beliefs of the period and emerge as a very important example of living together and high tolerance.

Aware that tolerance of sovereignty, Moorish Andalusians inscribed the words “and there is no victor but God” on the walls of the palaces. The emphasis on the fact that the sovereignty is somehow temporary and that it is God who prevails over everything has been proved by the Andalusians themselves by withdrawing from the stage of history.

Kilk, who is an addressee of this message, designed the Alhamra Fountain Pen model, which he produced in 34 limited numbers, with an emphasis on this phrase and the message it conveys.

  • 14k Gold Nib from F to B*
  • 925k Hardened Sterling Silver Accents (Vermeil Gold Plating possible)
  • Converter/Cartridge filling
  • Resin Body Material
  • Wooden Presentation Box
  • Limited to 34pcs


*Other tip sizes may be offered if in stock. Please contact for further information.

Opened Length: 128mm

Closed Length: 145mm

Max Cap Diameter: 16.50mm

Max Barrel Diameter: 15

Barrel to Cap Threads: 13.70mm


Please note that due to being a handicraft item dimensions may vary slightly.

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