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      Special Haphazard colour edition.. Limited quantity but not numbered…

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      Special Edition Novobaroque Fountain Pen for Valentine’s day.

      50pcs each worldwide. Not numbered.

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      Please note that we are out of stock, we accept preorders and the lead time will be about the last week of the March 2024.

      In commemoration of the centennial of the Republic of Türkiye, we meticulously crafted our pen under the theme “Long live the Republic!” In this creative endeavor, we sought to incorporate elements befitting the reverence owed to this monumental milestone. Aware that our pen would inscribe a narration for the new century, we contemplated which of the Republic’s myriad blessings to weave into its essence.

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      #6 14k Solid Gold Nib

      Made in Germany / Compatible with Bock250 Type

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      Kilk designers have utilized the concept of the “curve in its own tension,” which is widely preferred in traditional Eastern arts, in the form of the Orient Fountain Pen. After a long debate on whether this curve is natural or not, the ends of this form have been crowned with a sharp cut from both ends of the pen.
      The geometric pattern inspired by the sunflower petals on the body is a manifestation of this perspective towards the East.

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      Taking inspiration from classic fountain pen shapes, Celestial Fountain Pen stays true to this concept in its body design by incorporating geometric forms that highlight celestial themes found in silver jewelry.
      The traditional “wheel of fortune” geometric shape on the silver cap finial represents the 12 zodiac signs. The twelve-sided geometric pattern, commonly encountered in the Eurasia and Middle East, also depicts the same celestial theme.

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      256pgs Ivory Acid-free Fountain Pen friendly paper Hand stitched and hand bound…|

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      The relationship of long-established civilizations with the pen has always been deep and meaningful. The pen has always been a tool for the purposes such as delivering a message to the addressee in a faithful manner and protecting information and documents. So the meaning of the pen is almost identical to the meaning of civilization.

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      “Camera Laterna” is the name given to the projector machines in cinema halls, meaning “bright room.” The body design of our pen draws inspiration from the lenses of these machines, crafted with intricate details. The body band is adorned with countdown frames, while the clip is reminiscent of a film strip.

      The most eye-catching feature of the Camera Laterna pen is the rotating film reel on the cap, often described by pen enthusiasts as a “stress relief toy.” With the finest craftsmanship in silverwork, our pen is presented to the delight of pen lovers.

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      German Made KilkV2 Model Steel Nib

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      Although the Turkish baroque style stands out as a style influenced by Europe, it distinguished it from its contemporaries due to its unique nuances.
      This is a reference to the ornamental style of Baroque Model fountain pen. The floral ornaments on the silver bracelet and cover wedge are inspired by the Dolmabahçe Palace, the pearl of the Bosporus.

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      Alhambra, the shimmering pearl.. Artistic and scientific accumulation of eastern and western civilizations.. This monument is beyond an architectural construction, it has been conveying a message from the cultural heritage between the transitional period of medieval and new era.

      The lands of Andalusia, which were shaped by the Islamic civilization for centuries when it was built, have adopted other beliefs of the period and emerge as a very important example of living together and high tolerance.

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      German Made Threaded Converter unit

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      The Truth… Notion desired on every answer, no matter the question, location, language or culture.

      On the silver band it is inscribed in Latin “Vincit Omnia Veritas” means “The Truth Conquers All.” This band can also be customized upon the requests of pen enthusiasts.