NovoBaroque Fountain Pen

Another classic that gives a period the name “classic”: Turkish Baroque style of decoration. In this period, also known as Rococo, the most precious examples of Ottoman art were given. Our fountain pen in the form of cigarshape, which we decorate with this style, which is the reflex of developing a new discourse of decorative arts, is also the effort of a discourse expression.
Although the Turkish baroque style stands out as a style influenced by Europe, it distinguished it from its contemporaries due to its unique nuances.
This is a reference to the ornamental style of Baroque Model fountain pen. The floral ornaments on the silver bracelet and cover wedge are inspired by the Dolmabahçe Palace, the pearl of the Bosporus.

Baroque Fountain Pen, which is one of Kilk’s most popular models by pen lovers, can be made more personal with various customization. Please contact us for material and personalization options.

  • Steel Nib From EF to BB*
  • NiCr Plated Accents
  • Converter/Cartridge Filling Mechanism
  • Resin Body


Opened L: 129mm

Closed L: 138mm

Max Cap Dia: 13.50mm

Max Barrel Dia: 16.5mm

Barrel to Cap Threads Dia: 12.70mm


There might be slight differences in dimensions due to being handmade.

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