Camera Laterna Fountain Pen

Camera Laterna means “Bright Room” in Latin. We can find the first cores of cinema in ancient times in images reflected from a lighted box.

Our Camera Laterna model, which is presented to the likes of cinema lovers, resembles a camera lens with its stepped and flat body form.

On the top of the cover, we are greeted by a mechanically operable film reel.

The film strip on the body both aesthetically supports the visual show of the pen and takes the balance of writing from the tip of the pen to the middle.

The pen cap is designed to be attached to the body. It does not damage the teeth of the cover and the body because it is vacuum-fitted. In addition, it does not disturb the balance of writing for pencil lovers with medium-sized hands.

  • Steel Nib EF-BB*
  • 925k Aged Matte Finish Silver Accents
  • c/c Filling
  • Resin body


*Please contact for solid gold nib inquiries.

Opened L: 128mm

Closed L: 140mm

Max Cap Dia: 16.50mm

Max Barrel Dia: 15

Body to Cap Threads Dia: 13.80mm


Due to being handmade dimensions may vary slightly.

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