Epigram Fountain Pen

Since the very first inked pen, one of the ultimate answers pen marks over paper is “the Truth.”

“Veritas” or “the Truth” in Latin… The Epigram fountain pen is designed and dedicated for the seekers of the Truth.

The Truth… Notion desired on every answer, no matter the question, location, language or culture.

While designing the Epigram Model, Kilk Design Team gravitated towards the unmistakable charm of simplicity: minimalist touch that gives way to an impartial design, subtle curves with nuances of modesty and simplicity, an aged-matte sterling silver band over the cigar shaped body. The fountain pen’s design intends not to reveal the truth, but to convey one’s message over epochs, like an inscription.

We as Kilk hope the “Epigrams on the Truth” inscribed on the silver barrel band may conduce inspirations to minds of pen lovers.

Epigram Fountain Pen is inspired by inscriptions on tablets, and, manufactured in three different swirling patterns imitating marble. As designing Epigram Model, Kilk design team always considers these four: aesthetics, ergonomics, reliability and meaning while working on a new design.

On the silver band it is inscribed in Latin “Vincit Omnia Veritas” means “The Truth Conquers All.” This band can also be customized upon the requests of pen enthusiasts.

  • Steel Nib from EF to BB
  • Sterling Silver Barrel Band (Aged matte)
  • Converter/Cartridge filling
  • Resin Body Material

Opened Length: 127mm

Closed Length: 142mm

Max Cap Diameter: 17mm

Max Barrel Diameter: 15.25

Barrel to Cap Threads: 13.70mm


Please note that due to being a handicraft item dimensions may vary slightly.

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