Noon Fountain Pen

The relationship of long-established civilizations with the pen has always been deep and meaningful. The pen has always been a tool for the purposes such as delivering a message to the addressee in a faithful manner and protecting information and documents. So the meaning of the pen is almost identical to the meaning of civilization.

Islamic touch to writing instruments is crucial. There is a surah named “The Pen” in the Holy Book of Islam, Quran beginning with “The Sworn Pen” (68:1):

 ن ۚ وَالْقَلَمِ وَمَا يَسْطُرُونَ / Nun. By the pen and what they inscribe

As Kilk design team, we offer this design to pen lovers by avoiding decoration with the weight and awareness of designing a pen with a verse on it. We would like to emphasize once again that we have designed this model upon intense demand from pen lovers.

Our request from pen-lovers who want to purchase Noon Model Fountain Pen is to be aware that they are ordering a pen with a verse from a Holy book inscribed . As Kilk, with this awareness, we direct pen lovers to other models or customizations when necessary. If you like the model we may customized the band as well.

  • Steel Nib (Ef to BB)*
  • 925k Aged Matte Sterling Silver Accents
  • C/C Filling Mechanism
  • Resin Body


*For Gold nib inquiries please contact.

*This pen is customizable. Please contact for further inquiries.

Opened Length: 128mm

Closed Length: 140mm

Max Cap Dia: 16.50mm

Max Barrel Dia: 15mm

Body to cap threads: 13.80mm


Due to being handicraft there might be seen small changes in dimensions.

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