Orient Fountain Special Colors

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Special Haphazard colour edition.. Limited quantity but not numbered…

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“Ex Oriente Lux” The light rises from the East. In this design, Kilk emerges before pen lovers with the concept of “the tension of its own curve,” which we can encounter in every realm of Eastern arts. This line approach, influenced by the understanding of minimalist design today, is the most useful instrument used by the artist or designer to visualize abstract images in their work.
We can say that “Bezier Curve,” one of the pioneering concepts of digital design, is a more mechanical counterpart of these instruments.
Kilk designers have utilized the concept of the “curve in its own tension,” which is widely preferred in traditional Eastern arts, in the form of the Orient Fountain Pen. After a long debate on whether this curve is natural or not, the ends of this form have been crowned with a sharp cut from both ends of the pen.
The geometric pattern inspired by the sunflower petals on the body is a manifestation of this perspective towards the East.
Istanbul, an important center in silver craftsmanship throughout history, impressively hosts this historical experience in the manufacturing of Orient.
The Orient Fountain Pen is made of high-quality resin with striking color combinations. It accepts ink with a converter piston and international standard cartridges.

As the concept of Orient evolves, a constant flow,
May this pen, a faithful companion, continue to grow.
In the morning of your writing, through generations it’ll guide,
A reminder of the East’s essence, forever by your side…

Additional information

Weight500 g
Dimensions24 × 12 × 10 mm

Alaz, Derya

Nib Material

14k Pt Plated Gold, Mirror Finish Steel

Tip Size

Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, DoubleBroad


Opened Length: 129mm (From finial to tip)
Closed Length: 136,5mm
Max Cap Diameter: 16.75mm
Max Barrel Diameter: 15.5mm
Barrel to Cap Threads: 13.8mm
Weight Opened without ink: 10gr
Weight Closed without ink: 31gr

Please note that due to being a handicraft, weight and dimensions may vary slightly.


Material: Resin

Accent: Aged Matte Sterling Silver Accents (Hardened)

Nib: Stainless Steel / 14k Platinum Plated (Both are Bock250Type #6)

Filling: Cartridge / Threaded International Converter (Comes with Converter)

Package: Cardboard Presentation Box, Silver care cloth, documents

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Orient Fountain Special Colors

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