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      Kilk designers have utilized the concept of the “curve in its own tension,” which is widely preferred in traditional Eastern arts, in the form of the Orient Fountain Pen. After a long debate on whether this curve is natural or not, the ends of this form have been crowned with a sharp cut from both ends of the pen.
      The geometric pattern inspired by the sunflower petals on the body is a manifestation of this perspective towards the East.

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      Taking inspiration from classic fountain pen shapes, Celestial Fountain Pen stays true to this concept in its body design by incorporating geometric forms that highlight celestial themes found in silver jewelry.
      The traditional “wheel of fortune” geometric shape on the silver cap finial represents the 12 zodiac signs. The twelve-sided geometric pattern, commonly encountered in the Eurasia and Middle East, also depicts the same celestial theme.

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      German Made KilkV2 Model Steel Nib

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      The Truth… Notion desired on every answer, no matter the question, location, language or culture.

      On the silver band it is inscribed in Latin “Vincit Omnia Veritas” means “The Truth Conquers All.” This band can also be customized upon the requests of pen enthusiasts.