Orient Fountain Pen

We would like to present our new model: Orient.

Inspired by the natural tension of the curves; the curves are to be inclined in their own tension. Eastern arts and visualisation aspects are always relying on the concept of this curve tension.. In Japanese art, some curves, especially in architecture and furniture design.

We are about to leave spring, we chose orangish warm color to match up the summer time. The color of this model is named as “Ex Oriente Lux” means “The light comes from East”.

  • Kilk V2 Steel Nib
  • 925k Aged Matte Accents
  • Converter/Cartridge Filling (Converter Included)
  • Resin Body
  • Cardboard Box (Papers, polishing cloth)

*Cap is securely postable.

*For Gold nib options please contact.

  • Cap is postable.
  • Opened L: 133mm
  • Closed L: 140mm
  • Cap L: 66mm
  • Max Cap Dia: 17mm
  • Max Barrel Dia: 15.5mm
  • Max Section Dia: 13mm
  • Barrel to Cap Threads: 13,75mm
  • Body weight (w/o ink): 20.5gr
  • Cap Weight: 11gr

Please note that due to nature of being handmade, there might be slight differences in dimensions.

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